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KIPP Indy programming is funded through a variety of sources.  As a public school, KIPP Indy does receive federal, state, and local funding for education.  Public funding provides for a normal school day.  However, at KIPP Indy there are more hours in a school day, more enrichment activities, a more intensive commitment from teachers, and a collective agreement not to cut any corners in achieving top quality education.

You can support KIPP Indy! Below are our greatest areas of need:

Furniture & Equipment
Our greatest need as we transition to owning and operating a school will be furniture and equipment, ranging from the basic classroom furniture to office equipment.
Snapshot of needs: Students desks and chairs; locker installation for entire school; significant office equipment, such as locking files, a laminator and display cabinets; basic equipment, such as hand trucks and utility carts; classroom resources, such as whiteboards and bookshelves

A constant need, in order to prepare our students to be effective in the 21st century, is technology.
Snapshot of needs: New desktop computers for computer labs; new computers for Special Education department; Elmo document cameras and LCD projectors for classrooms; licenses for online tutoring programs

Academic Resources
We strive to support our instructional leaders as thoroughly as possible, and there are many costs associated with providing quality resources to teaching.
Snapshot of needs: Leveled reading libraries, class set of textbooks for Science, Social Studies, Spanish; teacher resources on differentiated instruction; professional development resources

Human Resources & Student Services
We know that the greatest factor of student achievement is teacher quality, and we aim to hire additional staff members that will bring quality instruction and valuable resources to our organization.
Snapshot of needs: Salary/benefits for Development Director, additional Special Education instructor, additional Physical Education instructor, instructors for the Fine Arts (music and art education)

End-of-Year Field Trips
End-of-year trips are a KIPP network-wide tradition and an opportunity for our students to gain valuable perspective and incredible experiences by visiting significant American cities and landmarks.
Traditional locations: 5th grade will tour Chicago, 6th grade will tour St. Louis, 7th grade will tour Atlanta, and 8th grade will tour Washington D.C.

Athletics and academics go hand-in-hand, as one inspires the student to persevere in the other.
Snapshot of needs: Uniforms for teams; scoreboard for new gymnasium; standard PE equipment, such as mats, volleyball standards and nets, balls for a variety of sports; stipends for coaches

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Bobby Grimm
Director of  Development and External Relations